What Is a Podcast Player?

A podcast player is a tool for podcasts playback. Create a podcast player, apply it to the required podcast and embed podcast player tag on your website.

In the Portal, the podcast player solution includes the following components:

  • RSS feed entity.
  • Podcast entity.
  • Podcast optimized player.

The RSS feed provides ingestion of the content into the Portal and generates podcasts as Portal entities. The RSS feed in the Portal is created by our Support team. You are required to provide actual RSS feed URL and, optionally, iTunes Show ID.

Each Podcast entity in the Portal corresponds to a relevant episode of an actual podcast. Whenever a new podcast episode goes on the air, a relevant new Podcast entity is generated in the Portal.

To generate a podcast embed tag and further embed it on a website, create a Podcast player and apply it to the required Podcast.

The following diagram and explanation describe the podcast player creation process:


  1. The first step is to create your externally hosted RSS feed and send its URL to our Support team.

  2. The Support team links your externally hosted RSS feed to a relevant RSS feed in the Portal.

  3. The RSS feed in the Portal generates podcasts. Each Podcast corresponds to the relevant episode generated by your RSS feed.

  4. Then, you create a Podcast player in the Portal to play back your podcasts. The creation process is just the same as for our regular player, the only difference is to apply specific Podcast skin to your Podcast player.

  5. Next, you select a Podcast to be embedded on your website and apply your previously created Podcast player to it to generate the podcast embed code.

  6. After the podcast embed code is generated, you can embed it to your website. Now the Podcast player in your website is ready to play back your podcast.

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