How to Create a Podcast Player

To create a podcast player, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'PLAYERS' in the Portal menu and select 'PLAYERS'. The players page is displayed.

  3. Click on 'CREATE NEW'. A new player wizard showing the 'BASIC INFO' tab is displayed.


  4. Enter a name for your podcast player.
  5. Click on the 'COMPANY (OWNER)' field to define the company under which your podcast player will reside.

    Note: By default, this field will be set to your user's owning company or your user's company context menu. For further details, please see Company Context Menu.

    Note: If you have access to any additional Affiliate Companies you will also be able to assign this player to them from this field.


  6. Switch to the 'LOOK & FEEL' tab and scroll down to the 'PLAYER CONTROLS' area.

  7. Click on the 'MORE CONTROLS' field and select 'Podcast'. The Podcast player skin is selected and applied to your player.


  8. Click on 'SAVE'. Your podcast player is saved under the selected company.

    Note: To learn how to apply your Podcast player settings to a podcast, please refer to How to Create Your Podcast Player Embed Tag.
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