How to View Your Player Load Time

What is a Player Load Time screen?

The player load time popup is an analysis tool that displays a breakdown of the main loading phases the player undergoes to display content and/or ads.

Using this tool you can diagnose the player's performance on a specific site to pinpoint possible reasons for slow loading and or user experience issues you might be seeing.

Note: The player load time popup allows you to export your findings to a .csv file that you can share with video and ad support teams.


How to View Player Load Time Screen?

To view your player load time screen, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the web page in which your player is located.

  2. Go to the required player and click on it using the relevant keys combination for your OS according to the following options:
    • Windows - Press ALT + Click on the player area.
    • macOS - Press OPTION + Click on the player area.
    • iOS/Android - Triple-click on video area.


  3. View details on your player load time in the 'PLAYER LOAD TIMES' screen. For reference, use the detailed descriptions of the player loading phases according to the following table:

    Phase Description
    Load Player Configuration The player requests all the player logic and setup according to the hosting environment from the delivery service.
    Load Player Script The core player code (bootstrap) loads, which makes the player go.
    Create Player Context The core player code runs and renders itself into existence.
    Create Player Adapter The HTML5 player code is grabbed and the HTML5 video element on the DOM is created.
    Create ad System The demand code which communicates with the ad system is set and run.
    Load Poster (for click-to-play players) The poster is loaded.
    Load ad Configuration The ad request lineup for the ad playback experience is loaded.
    Ad request The individual ad request against the relevant inventory sources is run. This step can appear multiple times as we run through an ad waterfall.
    Player Ready The player flags that it has all that it needs to start.
    Fetch Content and Play (If there is no ad) The video asset is grabbed and an event to the HTML5 video element to start playback is sent.
    Fetch ad Asset / Play ad (If there is an ad) The creative asset is loaded from the ad server and played back.

    Note: The information on the player load time phases is represented as a diagram, where the x-axis displays player loading time in seconds, and the y-axis displays player loading phases.

    Note: The player/content loading phases in the Player Load Time diagram are highlighted in blue, while the ad loading phases are highlighted in green.

    Note: The circular chart below the Player Load Time diagram displays the total Player load time and the total Ad load time.

  4. Optional: Click on the 'Export to CSV' button to download your Player Load Time screen file in .csv format.

    Note: You can use the Player Load Time screenshot or .csv file as additional information when submitting a support request in our Help Center.
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