How to Use Search in the Role Details page

The 'Search permission' field in the Role Details page allows you to search and select a specific permission without switching the tabs and scrolling through the entities.  Start typing the permission name in the 'Search permission' field, and then select the relevant option from the drop-down list.

To search for a permission, perform the following steps:


  1. In the Role Details page, go to the 'Search permission' field.


  2. Search for a specific permission by entering its name and selecting the relevant option from the drop-down menu. The selected permission under the relevant entity is displayed and highlighted in yellow.

    Note: You can use the search tool to search only for entities and specific permissions nested under them. The search tool doesn't search for standard permissions like READ, WRITE, CREATE, DELETE, REPORTS, Display in menu or Search others.


  3. Select the check box near your selected permission to add it to your role.
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