What are Targeting Rules?

The main entity used in VRM is known as a Targeting Rule. Each Targeting Rule defines an expected demand source for a particular ad request. Targeting Rules also contain specific criteria that are used to define if the ad call is eligible to be requested and displayed in the Player.

The criteria applied in a Targeting Rule vary, and are divided into 4 main tabs:

  • General - Basic definitions of your Ad request such as name, url, type etc.
  • Destination - Criteria that concern anything to do with the Ad's destination such as: Geographic location, Player type, type of ad, selected Player, Domains etc.
  • Content - Criteria that concern the Video/Playlist that is displayed in the Player.
  • Advanced - Additional criteria regarding brand safety, fraud and custom Player attributes etc.


Note: Targeting Rules are defined on the Company level and commonly more than one will exist as each one is a separate ad request.



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