VRM Request Parameters

A typical VRM Request made by a Player looks like this:



The following table describes all the supported VRM Request parameters and descriptions:

pid Player ID ID of the Player, making request.
bcid Buyer Company ID The ID of the Publisher Company for which this player was created.
bid Playlist ID Optional: ID of the Playlist, currently assigned to this Player.
vid Video ID Optional: ID of the Video, currently being played in Player.
rssId RSS ID Optional: The RSS ID of video from being played by the player. This ID is passed from the Video's MRSS Feed.

Note: This parameter is an alternative to the 'vid' above.
pt/playerType Player Type

Optional: The type of Player that is requesting ads, either: HTML5 or Flash.

at Ad Type Optional: preroll/midroll/overlay/all - ad type, that this VRM request is supposed to return rules for
mkt Marketplace Optional: The ID of the Marketplace from which to takes Rule from. If not specified this value is populated according to the setting on the Player.
c Country Optional: Country code to override country, where request is coming from.
ps Preroll Support Optional: Indicator of Creative Support - SWF, VAST only or HTML-VPAID.
ip Internet Protocol Optional: Override the IP from where the request is coming from.
ua User Agent Optional: Override of user agent from where the request is coming from.
from Override Rule (Debug) Optional: For debug page, ability to make an offset in Rules
width Player Width Optional: Width of the Player.
height Player Height Optional: Height of the Player.
p.vw.active Player Viewability Activity Optional: Viewability parameter for S2S support.
p.vw.viewable Player Viewability Viewable Optional: Viewability parameter for S2S support.
appName Application Name Optional: Mobile application name - for S2S support.
mcc Mobile Carrier Code Optional: Mobile carrier code - for S2S support.
mnc Mobile Network Code Optional: Mobile network code - for S2S support.
moatViewableOpportunity MOAT Viewability Opportunity Score

Optional: Viewability parameter for S2S support.

vvuid Video View ID Optional: Unique identifier for the video view itself.
r Player URL Optional: The URL where the Player is making the request from.
m.vrm* Custom VRM Macro Prefix Optional: Custom parameters that can be used for targeting in Custom Attributes targeting of the Targeting Rules.
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