What is a Timeline Preview?

The Timeline Preview displays static thumbnails that correspond to the video's playhead location in the Player's seek-bar. Hovering over any time location in the seek-bar will display the relevant Timeline Preview tooltip. This allows viewers to skim quickly through the video's playback and skip to interest points easily.



The preview images are in fact a thumbnail sprite created by one of our platform services. The first viewer to hover over the seek-bar initiates the service and stores the thumbnail sprite in addition to the video data.
All other viewers that hover over the video will have instant access to the thumbnail sprite as it is stored on the video level.

Note: If a video does not counting a thumbnail sprite, the first viewer to hover the seek-bar will trigger the service. This can result in a 2-5 second lag until the sprite service is complete and the Timeline Preview images display.



  • Currently the Timeline Preview functionaloity is available only for Players that have the AOL Modern Skin controls
    (Controls AOL_5).



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Activation/Deactivation of the Timeline Preview functionality is performed using a specific macro named 'timelinepreview'. To learn how to activate/deactivate the Timeline Preview, please see How to Apply a Supported Macro to Your Player using the Portal

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