How to Define a 360 Video Tooltip Location

Defining a Tooltip location can be tricky especially in a 360 video. To help you locate the correct position for your Tooltip within the video, we have introduced a query string parameter that you can pass when viewing your Player in demo view. This will parameter will activate a hidden functionality that displays a green circle marker including X and Y locations. You can then use these coordinates to define the perfect position for your Tooltip extra.


Display the Tooltip Coordinate Locator

To activate the tooltip coordinate locator, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one.


  2. Click on 'DEMO PAGE'. The player demo page is displayed.


  3. Add the following text to the end of the query string in the URL address bar and press enter: 
    The demo view page will reload and display the coordinate locator (a green circle at the center of the Player with both X and Y axis locations in pixels).


  4. Move around in the 360 video to list your required tooltip coordinates as displayed in the target green circle. The left number represents the X axis, and the right number the Y axis.

  5. Continue to define custom annotation tooltips. For further details, please see How to Apply a Tooltip Extra.


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