Mobile Muted Autoplay Options

What is Mobile Muted Autoplay?

Apple and Google have recently enabled auto playback for muted videos on mobile devices when using their in-house browsers such as Safari and Chrome (October 2016).

Note: This feature is supported from iOS 10+ (Safari browser only) and Android (Google Chrome browser version 53+).


How Does This Affect My Players?

Until now, mobile devices required a click to play viewer interaction to start the ad/video playback (excluding our Mobile Ad Autoplay - inview solution), but now with introduction of 'Muted Autoplay' players are able to start their playback automatically if the sound is muted. This in turn will generate more views for your content videos and ads as the click interaction is not required any more.


How Can I Control Mobile Playback?

Subsequently, we have split the Player's playback settings between desktop and mobile, and also introduced two new fields. Together these setting in the Player/Template Playback settings will allow you to control the Player's behavior on both desktop and mobile devices: 

Note: These settings are available in both the Player and Player Template wizards.

  • Desktop playback start - Previously known as 'Start'. This field controls the playback of the player on desktops.
  • Mobile playback start - This field controls the playback of the player on mobile devices.
  • Autoplay on WiFi only - This check box will allow mobile autoplay only when the device is using a WiFi connection.
  • Fullscreen on UnMute - This check box will revert the mobile player to fullscreen mode if the viewer selects to un-mute the player.

Note: For further details, please see the following:

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