How to Add SSAI Macros to your Player Tag

To add SSAI Macros to your Player, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'PLAYERS' in the Portal menu and select 'PLAYERS'. The players page is displayed.


  3. Optional: Search for the relevant player by entering its name and pressing enter/return. Relevant search results are displayed.

  4. Go to the required Player, click on the 'Menu' icon, and select 'Edit' from the drop down list. The player wizard page is displayed in edit mode.


  5. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'EMBED TAG' tab.


  6. Under the 'MACROS' area, add SSAI Macros by entering 'NAME' and 'VALUE' and pressing 'Add Macro' for every SSAI Macro successively, according to the following table:

    Name Value Description
    vls.v 2 Mandatory: Defines the version of SSAI to be used in UpLynk. The should be set to "2". AD_SERVER Mandatory: Replace the 'AD_SERVER' placeholder with the name of the Ad Server as it is defined in the UpLynk CMS. 1 Optional (for Live videos): Used to apply the UpLynk API for live video broadcasts. By default, this Macro is not passed or set to '0'. If this is a Live Stream, set the Macro value to '1' to activate.

    Note: The following '' Macro must be applied also when this is a Live Stream video. 5

    Optional (for Live videos): Used to turn on specific features in UpLynk, according to the following list:

    • 1 - Ad Impression API.
    • 2 - Video Views API.
    • 4 - Linear Ad Data.

    Note: The value to pass in the ad.pingf parameter is simply the sum of the values for the features you want to enable. For example, if I wanted to enable both Ad Impressions (value of 1) and Video Views (value of 2), I'd pass ad.pingf=3. If I wish to only enable Video Views, I'd pass ad.pingf=2. For Live videos, we usually pass the value of '5'.

  7. Click on 'SAVE'. Your macros are applied and the player details page is displayed.Your macros will be displayed in the embed code <div> and JavaScript query string.

  8. Click on 'COPY TAG CODE'. Your player tag embed code is saved to your clipboard and ready for embedding. 
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