How to Tearsheet an Ad Campaign

What is a Tearsheet?

In advertising, a Tearsheet is a page cut (or torn) from a publication to prove to the client that the advertisement was published. In the Portal, the Tearsheet capability is used to test if a relevant ad request is actually being displayed by a Player.


Note: This option is only available for Ad Set based monetization players (not VRM).


How It Works

The Tearsheet sends a cookie to your browser when viewing the Tearsheet page. This intern enforces the selected Ad Campaign to any Players that have the relevant Ad Set and Ad Campaign assigned to them.

Note: The cookie will be active for a selected period according to the Tearsheet generation setting.


To generate a Tearsheet for an Ad Campaign you need to obtain a URL address that has the following:

  • A Player that is embedded on the page.
  • The Player is set to use Ad Set monetization settings (not VRM).
  • The Ad Campaign you wish to test is part of the Ad Set that is linked to the Player.

How to Generate a Tearsheet

To generate a Tearsheet for an Ad Campaign, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'MONETIZATION' in the Portal menu and select 'AD CAMPAIGNS'. The ad campaigns page is displayed.


  3. Optional: Search for the relevant Ad Campaign by entering its name in the search field and pressing enter. Relevant search results are displayed.

  4. Go to the required Ad Campaign, click on the 'Menu' icon and select 'Details' from the drop down list. The ad campaign details page is displayed.


  5. At the bottom of the Ad Campaign details page, click on 'Generate Tearsheet'. A tearsheet instructions screen is displayed.


  6. Enter the URL address of the page where your relevant Player is located.

    Note: The Player on this page must have an Ad Set that references the Ad Campaign you want to test.

  7. Click on the 'Valid for (duration)' field and select for how long the Ad Campaign will be enforced, according to the following options:
    • 15 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 45 minutes
    • 60 minutes

  8. Click on 'Generate Tearsheet URL'. Your Tearsheet URL is generated.


  9. Optional: Click on the URL under the 'TEARSHEET URL' field to view the enforced Ad Campaign.

  10. Optional: Hover over the URL under the 'TEARSHEET URL' field and click on the pop-up 'Copy' button to copy the URL to clipboard.


  11. Optional: Click on the URL under 'Deactivate Tearsheet URL' field to delete an existing tearsheet cookie.

  12. Optional: Hover over the URL under 'Deactivate Tearsheet URL' field and click on the pop-up 'Copy' button to copy the URL to clipboard.
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