Features Released in August 2016



  • All videos now have an HLS rendition regardless of their length (useful for short videos).
  • New quick to use "Default" video search filter button to clear out all current filters or selections.
  • New quick link to Company page from Seller Rule.
  • Added a new "pull domains from company" button to seller rule for easy whitelist/blacklist of various domains.
  • New Ingestion info added to "Feeds" to give more clarity around whats taking place with ingestion feed process.
  • Language is now a mandatory selection when creating/editing feeds.


  • Capability to specify override for specific attributes of player settings from player template.
  • Changes to player template does not delete actual player changes any longer, see new feature above.
  • A couple of new cover controls, This one and also this one.
  • Brought back the HD indicator on the player controls.  HD indicator (icon on the play bar) will light up when the quality is playing back in HD (this is a non interactive control, you cannot click to turn on or off, it is just an indicator). Click here for a demo.
  • Improved poster image quality for regular and 360 videos.
  • Capability to block players from playing ads or content if fraud rating exceeds the level set on the company.


CMS Plugin

  • Google Analytics behavior tracking now supported.



  • New VAST tag API (Create VAST tags from existing videos as well as campaigns) - http://api.vidible.tv/index.html#!/VAST_Tag_CRUD/createUsingPOST_1
  •  Video thumbnail array now returns in order of size largest to smallest.

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