Features Released in September 2016



  • All monetization features have now been moved/organized into a "Monetization" tab.
  • Added History capability (button) to all Monetization entities (Ad Campaign etc..).


CMS Plugin

  • New discover tab to CMS video plugin advance view.



  • We have added a new search method to the Video CRUD API http://api.vidible.tv/index.html#!/Video_CRUD/findVideosUsingGET
  • Added a new API for retrieving feed (RSS) videos - http://api.vidible.tv/index.html#!/Feed_Video_search/getStatusForFeedVideoUsingGET
  • Company API now returns custom metadata in the response


Mobile SDK

  • Android Mobile SDK Release 1.0.8
  • Support for XCode 8 in iOS / tvOS codebases


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