Switch Between Item / List View in the Search Screen of the CMS Plugin

The CMS Video Plugin has two main view modes for scrolling through video results:

  • Item view - This displays a grid of video result thumbnails (this is the default view).
  • List view - This displays a list of video results including additional details about each video including:
    • Owning company of the video.
    • Video ID number.
    • The video's assigned Seller rule.
    • The number of Video views the video has accumulated until now.
    • The video's Activation date.
    • The video's Creation date.


Switch Between Item / List View

To switch between Item/List view, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the CMS Video Plugin Search screen.

  2. Click on one of the following icons to switch between views:
    •  - Select this icon for the Item view.
    • - Select this icon for the List view.


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