How to Filter Video Results in the Search Screen

To filter video results in the Search screen, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the CMS Video Plugin.

  2. Search for a video or open the Search screen using the full screen button.

  3. Optional: Click on the company field to define the scope of your results.
    For further details, please see How to change your company in the CMS Video Plugin.
  4. Optional: Click on the 'Sort by' field to arrange your results according to one of the following options: Most relevant, Last Activated, Last Created or Last Modified.
  5. Click on the 'Entity Type' filter to review Video and/or Playlist results.
  6. Optional: Apply any number of filtering options to narrow down your matching results.

    Note: Filters that include a plus icon (+) will expand down and display their relevant options. Filters with an arrow icon (>) will expand in the whole filtering options bar to display their relevant options. To return to the complete list of filters, click on the (X) symbol within the filter.

  7. Optional: You can click on  'Clear Filters' to reset your applied filtering options.
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