PUT Update Playlist


The following method is used to update an existing playlist object in the system using PUT.

Note: This method updates a playlist object by passing a valid playlist JSON object in the POST body raw data.

Note: The parameter highlighted in red is a placeholder for the mandatory value described bellow.

  • COMPANY_KEY - Replace this placeholder with your Company Key.
    Note: If you do not have a Company Key, please contact our support team and provide your company's name and details.

JSON Payload

  • JSON Playlist Object - Pass a valid JSON Playlist Object via the method's 'Body' 'Raw' data. For further details on how to structure the Playlist JSON Object, please see Playlist JSON object specification.

    Important! 'Content-type' parameter header must be set with a value of 'application/json'.


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Basic Update Playlist Request

Description: This method is used to update a playlist object.

Method: PUT




Note: The following JSON Object is sent via the 'Body' 'Raw' data with a Header 'Content-type' parameter set to 'application/json'.

Important! It is mandatory to pass both the Playlist and Company IDs in the update JSON object to identify the playlist you wish to update.

"name":"Updated Name"


"id": "5771418454dea34b2d5bd83a",
"creationDate": 1467040132542,
"name": "Updated Name",
"keywords": [],
"topics": [],
"price": 0,
"searchCriteriaFields": {
"includeOwned": true,
"includeNotOwned": true,
"includeHidden": false,
"includeNotHidden": true,
"includeReadOnly": true,
"includeNotReadOnly": true,
"userCreated": true,
"systemCreated": false,
"includeMale": true,
"includeFemale": true,
"rawQuery": "",
"companyGroupIds": [],
"languages": [],
"ageRatings": [],
"contentRatings": [],
"contentDescriptors": [],
"categories": []
"staticVideos": [
"semantic": false,
"dynamic": true,
"staticFirst": true,
"geoTargeting": false,
"bidRestriction": {
"availabilityScope": "EVERYWHERE",
"accessibilityScope": "PRIVATE",
"blackListMode": true,
"companyWhiteList": [],
"companyBlackList": [],
"companyGroupBlackList": [],
"companyGroupWhiteList": []
"evaluationDate": 1467042477290,
"nextEvaluationDate": 1467042729343,
"ownerId": "54c8917de4b0cbf701977c41",
"companyId": "56d5921ce4b0f5991ad44713",
"associatedCompanies": [],
"parentCompanyId": "545db032e4b0af1a81424b48",
"modificationDate": 1467042475318,
"modifierId": "54c8917de4b0cbf701977c41",
"tags": [],
"customAttributes": {},
"workflowType": "DEFAULT",
"deleted": false,
"readOnly": false,
"hidden": false,
"origin": "SYSTEM"
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