How to Create a New Export Channel using the Video Export Page

After selecting the 'New Export Channel' option in the Video Export page, perform the following steps:


  1. Enter a name for your new Export Channel in the 'New Export Channel Name' field.

  2. Under the '3RD PARTY EXPORT CREDENTIALS' field, search and select the required Export Credentials from the drop-down list. 

    Note: The Export Credentials in this field represent the available credentials defined in your Company page.

    Note: If no Export Credentials are displayed, this means that you do not have any defined for your company. 

  3. Click on 'ADD EXPORT CHANNEL' to add the export channel you created to your YouTube Export.


  4. Optional: If you do not have any 3rd Party Export Credentials or you would like to create new ones, click on 'ADD EXPORT CREDENTIALS'. A new export credentials screen is displayed.


  5. In the 'Create a new Export Credentials' screen select 'YOUTUBE'. This will define the Export Credentials as a YouTube export.
  6. Apply the required settings according to the following table:

    Important! The following steps require YouTube API Credentials and Refresh token. For further details please see, How to Create Your YouTube API Credentials.

    Field Name      Description
    Name Enter a name for your YouTube Export Credentials.
    Client ID Enter your Google Client ID you previously obtained.
    Client Secret Enter your Google Client Secret you previously obtained.
    Refresh token Enter your Google/YouTube Refresh token you previously obtained. This is the access token that will allow videos to be exported by the platform and accepted in YouTube.

    Note: Make sure your Refresh token does not include any opening and closing double quotation marks.
    Default privacy status 

    Select the required privacy status that will apply to all videos that have been exported to YouTube according to the following options:

    Note: This defines the syndication settings that will apply to each video within YouTube.

    • Public - Videos are publicly distributed within the YouTube platform and discoverable by search.
    • Private - Videos that are distributed only to profiles/Email addresses that you choose to share with. Videos with this setting will not appear in YouTube's search results.
    • Unlisted - Videos that are not distributed within the YouTube platform, but are accessible to whoever has the specific video link. Videos with this setting will not appear in YouTube's search results.

  7. Click on 'CREATE NEW CREDENTIALS'. The new export credentials are saved to your selected company.


  8. Click on 'SAVE & CLOSE'. Your video export is now active and will export the videos from the defined playlist to your YouTube account. A Video Export Details page is displayed.

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