Video Connection Error


The video connection error occurs when there is a problem with connecting to the actual player's media (video).  Amongst the various issues the most common problem your video media files are configured to use a third party CDN and are not using the Vidible CDN. 

Please seen the below common reasons as it pertains to this error:

When you are using your own CDN (not the Vidible CDN):

  1. There is a connection error with the CDN during video playback
  2. This is a local problem (if there is a CDN problem in your particular location such as connection issues with your local network)
  3. CDN problem with a specific video

Some solutions to using your own CDN are

  1. Adding a multipoint CDN monitoring for your CDN
  2. Open a point to point investigation against your own CDN
  3. Switch to Vidible's CDN

When You are using Vidible's CDN

  1. There is no Playlist in your Player
  2. There is a local internet connection issue on your computer, like a firewall, poor network conditions etc..



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