Reporting Discrepancies


It's not uncommon to see discrepancies between two ad server reports and often if not always raises a red flag in our eyes. It's important to understand why you may be seeing/experiencing some discrepancies.



As the majority of terms are not standardized by IAB, different platforms use different terminologies. Below lists some of the most common:

  • Impressions
  • Ad Starts

Note: The only standardized metric is Ad Starts, which is what you get paid for.


Time Zones

Our reporting default is in EST, Eastern Standard Time. When comparing a client's report, it's essential to make sure they are not reporting on a different time as this can cause shifts in numbers.



If you are using an Ad Exchange , Static Impression Tag, and are seeing a large discrepancy between your Ad Exchange's reports compared to our platform analytics, it is possible that your player may be missing the CACHE_BUSTER macro. The reason this happens is because in order to avoid fake impressions from being loaded, our analysis takes measures to assign 1 impression to 1 unique cache buster.

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