How to Configure the Ad Fine Tuner Extra

Applying a Player Extra

The Ads Fine Tuner Extra allows for more granular control of preroll and midroll settings. Such controls include the Ad Buffer Size, Preroll Pod Size, Midroll Pod Size, and Synchronous Midrolls calls. 

Note: This Extra is Flash only. 

Setting the Ad Fine Tuner Extra

For further details, see Applying Extras Using the Player Wizard Extras Tab.

Field Name  Description

Enter a name for the required extra.

Recommendation: We suggest entering a name for the extra after you have selected the required option in the 'Extra' field (see below).


Click on this field and select the 'Ad Fine Tuner' extra from the select extra window.

  • X - This field can be ignored.
  • Y - This field can be ignored.
  • Width - This field can be ignored.
  • Height - This field can be ignored.
  • adBufferSize - The total number of ads when dealing with midrollPodsize that the player will request and cache prior to the midroll opportunity.
  • prerollPodSize - Pod Size specific to preroll. Pod Size can range from 0-4.
  • midrollPodSize - Pod Size specific to midroll. Pod Size can range from 0-4.
  • synchronousMidrolls - Midrolls that are blocking. Similar to prerolls, content will stop until the the ad opportunity is complete, whether it is filled or not filled.

Note: For further details, please see What are Ad Opportunities and Pod Sizes and Applying Ad Settings to the Player Using the Ad Tab

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