What Are Ad Opportunities and Pod Sizes?

What is an Ad Opportunity?

An Ad opportunity is a dedicated placement either before or during a content video that is used to run ads (either Pre-rolls and/or a Mid-rolls). In simple words, think of Ad opportunities as containers that are used to hold ads. These "containers" can be modified to your advertising needs using Vidible player wizard.

Note: Ad opportunities are generic to both Pre-rolls and Mid-rolls. This means that each ad definition that is given to the player will affect all Ad opportunities (both Pre-rolls and Mid-rolls).

The following diagram describes how Ad Opportunities appear in relation to a single content video. Pre-rolls are advertisements that are displayed at when the player is loaded and before the content video starts. Mid-rolls are advertisements that are displayed during the playback of the content video.




What is a Pod Size?

In relation to the explanation above, the Pod size field defines the number of ad slots that will be played in each Ad opportunity (both Pre-rolls and Mid-roll). In other words, the Pod size defines the "size" of the "container" ("size" in the scenes of number of ads). 

Important! Recently we have enhanced our pod size maximum number to 11. Wherever the article references the maximum pod size as 4 it is, in fact, referring to 11.

The Pod size allows you to select a number between 1 to 11. 1 being a single ad played in an Ad opportunity and 11 being eleven consecutive ads that will be played in each ad opportunity. 

The following diagrams describe how the Pod size fields interact with the Ad Opportunities in the context of a single content video. The first diagram shows how many ads will be displayed when the Pod size field is set to the value of 4. The second diagram shows how many ads are displayed when the Pod size field is set to 1.

Note: The numbers of the Ads themselves don't necessarily mean that the same advertisement will be displayed in identical numbered ad containers. This is simply presented to show the correlation between the Ad opportunity Pod sizes.


Pod size set to 4 


Pod Size Set to 1


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