How to Add a URL Macro For Strict Site Check

To apply the 'Strict site check' functionality you will need to perform the following two actions:

  1. Activate the 'Strict site check' check box either on the Player and/or the Ad Campaign.
  2. Add a URL Macro to your player tag.

Important! Strict site check will not work until you have done both actions. 


Apply Strict Site Check on Player or Ad Campaign

You can apply 'Strict site check' either directly on a specific Ad Campaign or to a Player (that will enforce the URL check for all Ad Campaigns assigned to that player).

Note: For further details, please see How strict site check works.


Add a URL Macro to your Player Tag Embed Code

To apply the URL Macro follow the instructions set in How to add a Macro, and add a new macro with the following Name and Value:

  Name Value
Description lowercase macro name This is a placeholder for your allowed URL Address

The Macro value will be the URL Address of the site you want to serve ads on.

For example: To allow strict site check to serve ads on '' the macro will be []




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