How to Use Mid-roll (Midroll) and Overlay Timing

What is Mid-Roll and Overlay Timing?

The Mid-roll and Overlay timing fields (that appear in the player wizard Ads tab), allow you to control when a Mid-roll or VPAID Overlay advertisements will be displayed during the playback of a content video.

Note: The behavior of these fields are similar as they support the same base functionality 


Mid-roll Timing Logic

The Mid-roll timing field allows you to enter two types of input to define when during the content video a Mid-roll Ad opportunity will be displayed:

  • Time - For example: 00:30 (at the thirty seconds marker).
  • Percentage (%) - For example 50% (if the video is 2 minutes long, the mid-roll will display at the one minute marker).
  • |MACROS:parameterName| - From within the player's embed tag you can assign macros (key name/value pairs) which can then be passed into the Mid-roll as well as Overlay timing logic.  The syntax used should reference your parameter name as slated in the example above.  For example, if your parameter name is "times" on the player tag, the syntax to be placed in the Ad setup on the player would be |MACROS:times|.  The value of that parameter on the player's tag should be a percentage or time.  The value MUST be encoded, for example: 10% encoded would be 10%25.

Note: This field supports multiple values using the semi-colon separator (without spaces).

The following diagrams explains how the Mid-roll timing field operates.


Single Mid-Roll

In this diagram we have a content video which is 2 minutes long. Using the Mid-roll timing field we have entered a value of 50% to trigger a mid-roll in the middle of the content video. Alternately, we may enter a specific time, for instance 01:00 that will also trigger the mid-roll at the 1 minute marker.

On the left side of the content video timeline you can see examples of percentage markers while on the right side you can see actual time markers. As stated before you can use both types of input for the Mid-roll timing field.

Important! All mid-rolls are Ad opportunities, meaning that any number of Ads can be run during that Ad opportunity. For further details see What are Ad opportunities and Pod sizes?   



Multiple Mid-Rolls 

In this diagram we again have a 2 minute long content video. But in this case, we have used multiple inputs in the Mid-roll timing field. The first marker is set to 25% and the second is set to 65%. This will invoke two mid-roll Ad opportunities during the content videos playback.

Note: The numbers of the Ads themselves don't necessarily mean that the same advertisement will be displayed in identical numbered ad containers. This is simply presented to show the correlation between the Ad opportunity Pod sizes.




Overlay Timing Logic

The Overlay timing logic field uses the same logic as the Mid-roll timing field.
The following diagram displays an example of how the Overlay timing field operates:




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