Applying Player Size Options Using the Player Template Wizard

What is the Player Size Area in the Player Template Wizard?

The player size area in the Player template wizard defines the overall size of the player <div> with all its components that will be applied to all players associated with this template.
When defining the player size, you should take into account any additional components you would like to incorporate into your player such as: related videos carousel, top skins etc.

Note: The default size of the player is 640 (width) by 360 (height).

Customizing the Player Size in the Player Template Wizard

To customize the player's size in the player template, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Player template wizard by editing an existing player template or creating a new one.


  2. Go to the 'LOOK & FEEL' tab.


  3. Under the 'LOOK & FEEL' tab go to the 'PLAYER SIZE' area and apply the required player size options according to the following table:

    Field Name Description
    Auto - Resize

    Selecting this radio box will set your player size as responsive to the HTML element the player tag embed code is embedded into.

    For example: If you place the Player Tag into a <div> element that has a width of 1000 pixels by 500 pixels height, the player will set its size according to the div's size.

    Note: Changing the parent element size will immediately effect the player size without the need to access the portal and change your player size definitions.

    Custom size Select this radio box will allow you to apply a custom width and height to your player. When selected, the width (W) and height (H) fields will enable you to enter values.
    • W (Width) - Enter a width value for your player is pixels.
    • H (Height) - Enter a height value for your player is pixels.
    16:9 ASPECT RATIO Select this toggle to automatically set 16:9 aspect ratio for your player.

    Note: This option is only enabled when 'Custom size' option is selected.

  4. Click on 'SAVE'. Your player size settings are saved and applied to this player template.

    Note: The player template wizard will show you a preview of your current changes while customizing the player template.

    Note: After saving a player template, please see How to assign a Player template to a player.
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