What are Player Templates?

Player Templates are pre-formatted player settings that apply to multiple players that are assigned to that template. Changing a setting on the Player template level affects all the assigned players as they inherit their settings from that template. Player templates are an easy way to modify multiple players without the need to edit each one separately.

Note: When creating a new player, one of the required fields is to select a Player template. After selecting the required template and clicking 'Apply', the new player instance will inherit all of the defined settings from the selected template.


Player Template Hierarchy

The following diagram and explanation describe the hierarchy between Players and Player templates. 


Player templates are the base of the hierarchy when it comes to applying settings on to your players. When saving changes made on the Player template level, you are given two options:

  • Overriding all player definitions - This is similar to a reset function that will apply the template definitions to all your players regardless of any previous settings you had in each player instance.

    Note: This is the action performed when the Save Template check box is selected.

  • Override only fields that have not been explicitly defined on the player level - This is a partial override that will not affect any explicit definitions set in each of your players.

    Note: This is the action performed when the Save Template check box is not selected.


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