White Label and Affiliate Company Setup Comparison

Important! This article is not applicable to editorial content owners.

When setting up your account in our platform you have the ability to choose from the following options:

  • Creating a White Label Company only.
  • Creating a White Label with subordinate Affiliate Companies.

This article will explain the advantages of each option to help you select the best solution for your needs.


White Label Vs. White Label with Affiliates

The following table is a comparison between the two main setup options available in our system. 

  White Label Company Only White Label with Affiliate Companies
Video Uploads  All videos are uploaded to one single Company. Videos can be uploaded either directly to the White Label or to a selected Affiliate company.
User Video Viewability All users connect to the White Label account and will see all videos uploaded to it.

Users will be setup against the White Label or an Affiliate company.

Note: Allowing a user from an Affiliate Company to view videos under another Affiliate or the White Label, requires additional Role, Seller Rule and Company visibility setup.


Seller Rules Seller Rules are required only to syndicate your content to Publishsers. Seller Rules are required to share your content between the White Label and other Affiliate Companies under your account in addition to syndication to publishers. 
Search Able to Search videos according to any video metadata attribute including MRSS feed uploads. Able to Search videos according to any video metadata attribute including MRSS feed uploads under a specific White Label or Affiliate company depending on the applied Seller Rule that is in place.
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