What are Seller Rules (Content Restrictions)?

Seller Rules are restriction entities that define who can or can't see your videos. When a new company is created in the system, two Seller Rules are automatically generated, the Default Seller Rule and the Private Seller Rule. These two Seller Rules exist under each White Label and Affiliate Company in the system and are used to control their video content syndication within the network.

For example, Seller Rules can allow content to be used only by the owner, or make them available to everyone (all companies) in the Portal. They can also restrict video usage to the owner’s white label site only, or restrict the content by blocklisting or allowlisting specific 3rd party companies in the network.


Note: Each video uploaded to your company must be assigned a Seller Rule. If your company has a Default Seller Rule set, any videos uploaded to that company will inherit the default Seller Rule to control its syndication.

Note: The same Seller Rule can be used for multiple videos or applied from the company level.

Note: To learn more, see Blocklists & Allowlists.


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