Outstream Player Tag Embedding Options

The Outstream Player Tag can be placed in a web page using two main methods:

  • Regular embed - Copying a regular Outstream player tag and placing it in the required location within the web page (commonly after the page fold). The player will render itself in its set location.
    To embed a regular tag, please see How to copy a Player tag.

  • Targeted embed - Using a special embed tag known as Outstream/bein.js, this tag allows you to target the Outstream player to override it's original embedded location and move itself to a selected location using in the page DOM by passing additional macros.
    This is commonly used when you are syndicating your Outstream tag via Google's DFP or when you don'y have direct access to the web page the player tag is embedded into.
    To embed an Outstream bein.js tag, please see How to copy a bein.js Player tag.

    Note: The Targeted embed is commonly used when your player tag is embedded on 3rd party or on multiple pages that you do not have access edit rights too. In these cases, as you cannot copy and paste the Outstream player tag into the required location, this method allows you to use special targeting macros to override it's original location.


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