What are Annotations (Tooltip Extra)?

Annotations allow you to add a text message that will be placed at a specific location on your video or player using 'Tooltip' Extras. You can apply several Tooltip extras to your player and even target them to be displayed on a specific video. The Tooltip extra is configurable allowing you to control its location, size, opacity and content to include a title, text message and an image.

Note: Tooltip extras can be applied on both regular and 360 videos.

The following image and description explain the relevant elements that can be configured using this extra:



  • Show/hide icon - The show/hide icon is a plus/minus symbol that can be displayed. You can choose to display the tooltip directly or use the show/hide button to minimize or expand the tooltip.
  • Title - Your tooltip can include a title that will be displayed on the top.
  • Image - Your tooltip can include an image URL that will be displayed after or instead of a title (if the title is left blank).
  • Text - Your tooltip can include a text message that will be displayed after the image or title (if no image is defined).




  • Currently the Tooltip extra is only supported on HTML5 Players.


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