Features Released in April 2016



Portal Supported Languages

The O4P Portal is available now in the following localised languages:

  • Spanish (es)
  • French (fr)
  • German (de)
  • Italian (it)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Russian (ru)
  • English (en)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Chinese (zh)
  • Korean (ko).

To activate the translation, simply insert


and replace the COUNTRY_CODE placeholder with the preferred 2 digit country code.



Video Details Page Company Filter

We have enhanced company filter in the video details page allowing you to either include or exclude parent companies. By default only Affiliate companies will be displayed using the company filter field, but when selecting the 'Include parent companies' you will be able to select any additional White Labels.


Duplicated Video Indication

The video details page now includes a duplication indication if the video you are reviewing has been duplicated from an existing video under your company. 


Download Original Video

The video details page now includes a shortcut allowing you to download your video directly from the original file's URL.





User Country Metadata

You can now specify the country when creating a new user or when editing one. This also allows you to order your Users page according to countries. 





The Sideview Player Extra is an additional player component that allows viewers to navigate freely within your web page while continuing to play video content in a conveniently sized and placed player. Once the player has begun its playback, and the viewer has scrolled beyond the player’s location, the Sideview Extra will resize and reposition the player elegantly to a location of your choosing. This way, your viewers can continue to read or skim through your page, while maintaining contact with your video.

For further details please click here



The Outstream Player is a special player tag used to display ads in your web page, only when a relevant ad is served back. This gives your web site viewers a clean experience without any blank or space taking players. When an ad is served from one of your preferred Ad vendors, the Outstream Player will automatically expand itself on your page.
Your viewers can then choose to close the player manually or watch the ad. At the end of the playback, the Outstream player will automatically collapse and hide from view keeping your web page experience nice and clean.

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Closed Captions

Closed captions are a type of subtitles that include additional interpretive information such as sound and tone descriptions (words that phonetically imitate/resemble sounds) for hearing impaired viewers. If a video includes a Closed captions or Subtitles file, the Closed Caption icon will be displayed on the player controls. Closed captions can be assigned to your video objects during the upload process either by uploading a file or linking it to an external link.

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Ad Campaign Time Scheduling

Ad Campaign scheduling now includes the ability to start and end your campaign on a specific hour and not only by date. This gives a more granular control regarding when your Ad Campaigns should start and stop serving the specified ads.




Report Designer

The Report Designer is one of our platform tools that allows you to create your own custom reports by selecting dimensions, metrics and criteria you require. Using the Report designer you can create, edit and add your custom reports to the 'Custom' page under the 'Analyze' tab and share them with all users under your company.

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Our new Restful API now supports the following methods:

  • Video - Search, Create, Update, Delete, Get videos.
  • Playlist - Search, Create, Get by ID.
  • Companies - Search, Get by IDs.
  • Player - Create player, Create Player Tag, Generate tag for Player.
  • Ad Set - Create, Get Ad Sets by video IDs
  • Feed - Get video by GUID.

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