How to Export HAR log from PC (Internet Explorer) - Fiddler

Often times when submiting a ticket to Vidible support, the support representative will ask for a "HAR Log" of the issue.  This log is an archive of the network traffic that occurs within your internet browser.  It can tell the Vidible support vital bits of information about the Vidible player, ad vendors and much more.

If you are running internet explorer on windows, or in general are using windows, an easy way to create a HAR Log is by using a free program called "Fiddler".

Please follow the steps below (screen shots may only show a portion of the Fiddler application to help pin point workflow):

1. Download and install Fiddler:

2. Open the webpage in which you want to "record the issue" you are having Vidible issues on or that is requested by Vidible Support.

3. Open the Fiddler application and navigate to "X icon > Remove All" - click "Remove All".  This will clear your "session".


4. Next, within the Fiddler application, click the "Go" button.  This will start your "recording session" again.


5. Now, navigate over to your web browser in which has the webpage you want to record and "refresh" the page or perform the actions in which will reproduce the issue you are trying to capture for Vidible support.  The action of refreshing/reproducing the issue will produce various entries within the Fiddler applicaiton, which will look something like the following.  Results will vary, the screen shot is just an example:


6. Once you have completed capturing the issue, navigate to "File > Export Sessions > All Sessions":


7. Now you will be given a prompt to select the Export Format.  Select "HTTP Archive v1.2".



8. Finally you will be able to save your file.  Name your file something descriptive but concise. Then email/send that file "name_of__your_file.har" to the Vidible Support team.


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