Sounds on Muted Player

Occasionally although not often, a publisher will come back complaining about sounds generated on a player you provided them. However when you check the player settings of the offending player, you see that it is muted. "Why is this happening if my settings are correct?" This article is to help shed some light on what is happening.


There are 2 potential reasons why sounds may occur on a muted player:

  1. A bad ad
  2. HTML5 vs Flash


A Bad Ad
It's important to understand that the culprit is typically a bad ad unit and NOT the player itself. What happens is that some ads are written in a way that overrides the player settings (whether it's set for mute or on a very low volume) and plays sounds.

Here is an example of the player flow as it pertains to a troublesome "sound overriding ad unit":

1. Advertisement Starts its playback within the Vidible player
2. The Vidible player Sets the Ad to Volume 0 (or as settings dictate)
3. Ad Overrides Settings and sets it to how the Ad is configured (with its own audio/volume settings)
4. Ad starts playing sounds
5. The Vidible player is alerted that there is sound when there should be no sound
6. Player shuts down the ad sound immediately

Additional, what can also happen is:

7. The Ad realizes that it's being turned off from the player
8. Then, the Ad starts again to override the Vidible player Settings
9. Ad starts playing sounds
10. Vidible Player, again, is immediately alerted there is sound
11. Vidible Player, again,  shuts down sound
*Repeat steps #7-11

Note: The turnaround time between the ad sounds overriding our player settings and the player detecting there are sounds being played is 1/20th of a second. Which also means that the Vidible player is doing everything it can to respect your desired settings despite what the ad wants.

In order to remove the problematic ad tag, you will need see which ad tag is generating the problem. You can easily isolate the problematic ad tag by looking at your HAR log (as it happens) and see which ad tag to which ad campaign was called.  We realize that you may not be familiar with the flow of network traffic occurring from the Vidible player.  You can always contact Vidible support with this HAR log information.

With this info in hand, it would allow us to remove the ad campaign that is problematic entirely from the ad set. This will allow you to speak to your offending vendor directly who can talk to the advertiser to let them know that their ad is misbehaving. From there they can configure as needed.

Note: For further details, please see Tips and tricks to get a HAR log.


HTML5 vs Flash

On Mobile devices our player will fallback to HTML, instead of using Flash (this is if your player is setup with the Widget type of "SMART").  On mobile devices, on mobile web, the control over the audio of a player is determined by the user's device and not actually the player itself.  This means that often times audio will occur on a mobile device and the Vidible player cannot control the setting of the audio.


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