How to Apply the iFrame Buster Macro

What is the iFrame Buster?

The iFrame Buster is an HTML document that contains a special set of JavaScript code that in conjunction with a specific Player Macro, causes the Player to injects itself directly into the Publisher's site instead of into an iFrame.

Note: This HTML document needs to reside in the Publisher's site.


Why Would I use an iFrame Buster?

It is often that Ad Only Players are delivered through a 3rd party Ad network platform owned by an Ad Vendor. In these cases there's a close relationship between the Ad Vendor and the Publisher regarding what Ad unit is being delivered.

Many times the Ad network delivery script/service will inject the Ad only Player into the Publisher's site via an iFrame. In some cases, these Ad Players require that they reside in the parent domain, and not inside of an iFrame, to function properly.

To overcome this need, of being injected into the actual domain and not into an iFrame, we have developed the iFrame Buster.


How to Apply the iFrame Buster

To apply the iFrame Buster perform the following steps:

  1. Download the following .zip file by clicking here.
  2. Unzip the file locally, and upload the 'aol-02' folder directly to your domian.

    For example: If your domain is '' upload the folder directly to the domain. The result would be that the folder is accessible directly via the URL ''.

  3. Login to the portal by clicking here.

  4. Click on 'Manage'. The management tab is displayed.
  5. Click on 'Players'. The players page is displayed.
  6. Enter the name of you Ad only Player in the 'Search' field and press enter. Matching results are displayed.
  7. Go to the relevant Player and click on 'Details'. The player details page is displayed.

  8. Click on 'Edit Macros'. The edit macros screen is displayed.

  9. Click on 'Add Macro'. A new macro parameter and value fields are displayed.
  10. Enter the following text 'busterEnabled' in the 'Parameter' field.
  11. Enter the following text 'true' in the 'Value' field.
  12. Click on 'Save'. Your iFrame Buster macro is applied to this player.
    When this Player is embedded on a website that includes the 'aol-o2' folder, the player will embed itself directly on your web page and not using an iFrame.


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