How to Configure the Skip Ads Extra

Applying a Player Extra

The Skip Ads Extra provides users the ability to skip ads after N seconds of an ad playing. The N seconds are determined by the creator who set up the player.

Setting the Skip Ads Extra

For further details, see Applying Extras Using the Player Wizard Extras Tab.

Field Name  Description

Enter a name for the required extra.

Recommendation: We suggest entering a name for the extra after you have selected the required option in the 'Extra' field (see below).


Click on this field and select the 'Skip Ads' extra from the select extra window.

  • X - This field can be ignored.
  • Y - This field can be ignored.
  • Width - This field can be ignored.
  • Height - This field can be ignored.
  • SkipInSeconds: Enter the desired number of seconds before a user is given the opportunity to skip an ad.
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