How YouTube Video Export Works


Content owner partners can now export their videos (uploaded to their company accounts in the system), using the Video Export capability. This feature allows you to export your own videos directly to your YouTube account/channel.



YouTube export requires the following:

  • Your Google/YouTube account API Auth 2.0 refresh token.
  • ONE platform Role permissions to view the following tabs:
    • Export Channels.
    • Video Export including 3rd party export credentials creation.
    • Company 3rd party export credentials.

Note: If you do not have access to these tabs, please contact your Global Support team.



  • You can only export videos and playlists that you own directly. This means that all the entities (such as: Video, Playlist, Export Credentials, Export Channels and Video Export) all need to be owned by the same Company.

  • Important! The Export integration is only one way from the O4P Portal to YouTube. You must manage all your content from the O4P Portal side and not from YouTube.

How the Process Works

The following diagram describes how the export process operates and the relationships between the depicted system objects.


In the diagram above you will notice several system objects that are used in the export process:

  • 3rd Party Export Credentials - These are access points from our system to any Online Video Platform. To export a video you will need to define Export Credentials to access YouTube.

    Note: This can be performed either on your Company page under the 3rd party Export Credentials tab, or directly from the Video Export screen when creating a new video export rule.

  • Export Channels  - These are linking object between selected 3rd Party Export Credentials (access points) and Video Exports. The export channel is responsible for sending the selected Video Export to the right Export Credentials.

    Note: This can be performed either from the Export set tab or directly from the Video Export screen when creating a new video export rule.

  • Video Exports - These are linking objects between Playlists and Exporting channels. Using this object you can select what playlist you would like to export and to what Export channel.

    Note: We have introduced a new user flow in this object allowing you to create both a '3rd party Export Credentials' and an 'Exporting Channels' directly from the Video Export page. This makes the configuration process easier and more friendly.

Each of the objects is linked to one another and uses each other's definitions to successfully export a Playlist to a 3rd Party OVP, and in this case to YouTube.




Setting Up Your YouTube Export

To set up your YouTube export, please perform the following stages:

Note: Click on the following links to view the relevant articles.

  1. Create your Google/YouTube API Auth 2.0 Refresh token.
  2. Create a Video Export for YouTube.


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