What is a Semantic Placement?

What is a Semantic Placement?

A Semantic placement is an automated Playlist Placement that uses our content analyzer to scan the text and metadata of the web page where your player has been embedded. This technology then uses the scan's results to find contextually relevant videos to be played in your player.

Note: Semantic placements return up to 10 video results.


Semantic Placement Logic

The following diagram and explanation describe how the Semantic placement technology works.


  1. At first, we have a Player that is embedded within a webpage.

    Note: In this example, the playlist assigned to this player has a Semantic Placement.

    When the player loads, the Semantic placement begins to scan the text and metadata that appears on that web page.

  2. The scan results are communicated back to the Player. These results include taxonomy information such as entities and subjects that will be used to construct an automated search query.

  3. The Player then sends a request to the Portal for videos according to a search query constructed using the text and metadata scan results.

  4. After the Portal finds relevant videos, it responds to the Playlist and the Player with the appropriate videos to begin playback.

    Note: If no relevant videos were found, the Playlist will continue to the following Dynamic/Manual selected Placements.


Semantic Playlist Fallback Video Options

When creating a semantic placement within a Playlist you can choose one of the following options regarding Fallback videos:

  • No other placements - The Playlist will have just one Semantic placement but will not hold any Dynamic Query or Manually selected video placements. In this case, if the semantic engine does not return any video results, the Player will remain blank and not show any videos.

  • Manually Selected Video Placements - You can manually select videos that will be displayed in the Playlists if the semantic engine does not return any video results for the web page. 

  • Dynamic Query Placement - You can add a Dynamic Query placement to your Playlist that will automatically populate the Playlist with videos found using a defined query and filtering options.

  • Both Manual and Dynamic Placements - Apply both Static and Dynamic videos mentioned in the descriptions above that will be displayed if the semantic engine does not return any video results for the web page.

For further details, please see, How to Create a Playlist.




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