How to Create a Static Player Tag Embed Code

What is a Static Player Tag Embed Code?

A static player tag is an embeddable  <div> tag that can be placed in your HTML and requests a player and videos for your website.



The static player tag allows requires the following information to load and serve videos.

  • Publisher Company ID - To learn how to find your Publisher Company ID, click here.
  • Player ID - To learn how to find your Player ID, click here.
  • Video IDs - One or more videos IDs you wish to display in the player. 
    To learn how to find your Video IDs, click here.

How to Edit your Static Player Tag Embed Code

To edit your static player tag, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy and paste the following Player Tag template to your preferred text editor:
    <!-- TAG START -->
    <div class="vdb_player vdb_COMBINED_ID">
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//
    <!-- TAG END -->
  2. Copy and paste your previously obtained Player and Publisher Company IDs to your text editor.

  3. Attach both the Player ID and the Publisher Company IDs together in the following order to create your 'Combined ID'.
    For example: 
    Player ID: 561d387be4b08c7ae81f52ee
    Publisher Company ID: 545db032e4b0af1a81424b48
    Combined ID: 561d387be4b08c7ae81f52ee545db032e4b0af1a81424b48

  4. Replace the 'COMBINED_ID' placeholder with the Combined ID you have just created.

  5. Replace the 'PLAYER_ID' placeholder with your previously obtained Player ID.

  6. Replace the 'PUBLISHER_COMPANY_ID' placeholder with your previously obtained Publisher Company ID.

  7. Replace the 'VIDEO_ID' placeholder with your required video IDs.

    Note: You may pass multiple Video IDs using comma separators
    For example: pid=VIDEO_ID,VIDEO_ID,VIDEO_ID

    Complete Example:
    <!-- TAG START -->
    <div class="vdb_player vdb_561d387be4b08c7ae81f52ee545db032e4b0af1a81424b48">
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//
    !-- TAG END -->
    Note: the example tag will not be able to play as it uses random IDs.

  8. Copy and paste your complete tag into your web page. The tag will request the defined player under your company and play the requested videos.

    Important! The Player is setup according to the configurations you applied to it in the Portal.

    Important! The injected Video Ids will be played before any assigned playlist and in the order the Video Ids were passed.
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