Closed Captions UI Differences

The Closed captions settings screen has two types of interfaces depending on the size of the player.

Note: In the following image the small player has been enlarged to show the difference between the different user options.


  • Large players - Have a hovering window that displays both the customization options and the available values in one place. The values change according to the selected customization option.

  • Small players - Have a drill-down overlay that show the available customization options. To access them you will need to click on the required option and then the overlay will display the available values. In addition, you will have a 'back' button allowing you to return to the customization options screen.

Note: When changing a Closed captions setting in a large player, the video will continue to play. In a small player, the video will pause to let you apply the required setting as the drill-down selection is set to the entire width and height of the player.


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