What is the CMS Video Plugin?

The CMS Video Plugin is an advanced publisher tool that assists in finding rich video content to supplement your web posts, directly from your content management system (CMS).
The Video Plugin incorporates our Semantic matching technology, that scans your post and presents you with contextually relevant videos. Our improved UI makes finding and embedding videos extremely simple. After choosing your videos, simply embed your player at a click of a button.


Main Features

  • Semantic post matching- Your post & title are automatically scanned to find contextually relevant videos for your post.
  • Search - Search for specific videos by ID or enter any search query to review video results.
  • Create your own selections - Select the videos you want to create a playlist.
  • Drag and drop playlist sorting - Change the order in which videos will play in your playlist.
  • Quick embed - Embed a single video or your selection playlist directly to your post at a click of a button.
  • View & embed transcripts - View available transcripts, including the ability to embed their text into your post.




CMS Video Plugin Components

  • Login details - This banner shows your login details to the ONE Publishers platform, and allows you to logout if required.
  • Company selector - This selector allows you to switch between companies (White labels & Affiliates) your user is associated with.
  • Go to full search screen - Clicking on this button will open the search screen allowing you to search and filter results.
  • Search field - Entering a query here and pressing enter will display the search screen where you can refine your results and select videos. 
  • Tab selector - The selector allows you to toggle between the following tabs:
    • Discover - This tab displays either:
      • Semantic Video Matches - According to your post title and text
      • Trending - Top trending story videos currently running in the network are displayed if you did not enter any title or text in your post.
      • Personalized - Displays matching videos according to the post author's user in our platform.

        Note: For further details, please see Trending and Personalized videos by AOL Relegence.
    • Selected - This tab stores your selected videos for future posting. Here you can change the order of selected videos or remove videos that you no longer require. 
  • Videos - These are the videos that are displayed in each tab area (either Discover or Selected).
  • Posting pane - An actions panel displayed in the 'Selected' tab that allows you to add a player to your post or generate a Player Tag (the embed code for your player).
  • Upload indication - Each video has an indication that shows how long ago this video was uploaded to the system.
  • Hover views indication - When overing over a video a Video Views indication will appear in blue showing how many views were attributed to this video until today.
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