How to Boost Priority of an Ad Campaign in a Specific Ad Set

What Does the Boost Priority field in an Ad Set Do?

The boost priority field is a user defined value used to increase the priority of an Ad campaign in a specific Ad set.

Similar to the 'Boost priority' field located at the Ad campaign level, this field allows you to affect Ad campaigns only within a specific Ad set. This means that the priority will change only in relation to the other Ad campaigns listed in the same Ad set, and not across all Ad sets in the system.


In the diagram above, you can see a comparison between applying the 'Boost Priority' at the Ad set level (on the left) and on the Ad campaign level (on the right). Boosting the priority in the Ad set level will only apply to an Ad campaign in the specific Ad set you selected and will not affect other Ad sets that include the same Ad campaign. On the other hand, if you boost the priority on the Ad campaign level, this will apply to any Ad set the Ad campaign has been assigned to. 



Boost Ad Campaign Priority in a Specific Ad Set

To boost the priority of an Ad campaign in a specific Ad set, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'MONETIZATION' in the Portal menu and select 'AD SETS'. The ad sets page is displayed.


  3. Optional: Search for the relevant Ad Set by typing a name and pressing enter. Relevant results are displayed.

  4. Go to the relevant existing Ad set and click on 'Details'. The Ad set details page is displayed.


  5. Click on 'Edit'. The Ad set edit screen is displayed.


  6. Go to the relevant Ad campaign and enter a value (0 to 100) in the corresponding 'Boost Priority' field. At first, this field will display the 'Boost Priority' value that was set at the Ad campaign level. Simply increase or decrease the value (in relation to the original setting) to change the selected Ad campaign's priority in this Ad set. 

    Note: This priority boost override will apply only in relation to the other Ad campaigns assigned in that Ad set and not across all Ad sets.

  7. Click on 'Save'. The Ad campaign priorities are reordered according to your modifications.

    Note: To cancel the boost priority in the Ad set level, delete the value in the 'Boost Priority' field and re-save the Ad set. The Ad set will revert to the value set at the Ad campaign level.
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