Network Only Ad Campaign Prioritization

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Note: This process only applies to outgoing ad requests and does not affect the ad playback order in the player. The ad playback order in the player is controlled by an additional logic layer that deals with the ad response timing. For further details, please see Ad response timing logic.


Network Only Ad Campaign Prioritization

The following diagram explains the prioritization process if the assigned Ad set has only Network Ad campaigns.

Note: It is possible to assign multiple Ad sets to a player. This explanation applies if all of the attached Ad sets have only Network Ad campaigns within them.

If the Ad set or sets contain only Network Ad campaign, the prioritization process includes several modifications to deal with the different nature of Network Ad campaigns.

At first, all the Network Ad campaigns are forwarded to a 'Priority Calculation' that gives each campaign a Priority score based on three main parameters: 'Expected CPM', 'Priority boost' and 'Ad Start Ratio'.

Note: for further details, please see Priority calculation. 

The priority scores are then indexed to form an ordered list. If some of the Ad campaigns have identical Priority scores, those Ad campaigns will be sent to an additional 'Remaining impression % calculation' that will determine their order.

Note: For further details, please see Remaining impression % calculation.

After the Ad campaign list is ordered, the list moves on to a 'Grouping Process' that divides the list into groups of 11 Ad campaigns. The 11 Ad campaigns will then send out ad requests collectively according to the defined Ad campaigns in each group.

The 'Grouping Process' has an additional task of optimizing the Network Ad campaign request according to their 'Uses Shim' and 'Sync group name' definitions.

Note: For further details, please see Grouping process logic.  

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After the grouping process is complete, the group with the Highest priority Network Ad campaigns sends out ad requests together.



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