Remaining Impression % Calculation (Part of the Ad Prioritization Logic)

What is the Remaining Impression % Calculation?

This calculation is part of the Ad prioritization logic that is responsible for determining the priorities between Ad campaigns that have an identical Priority score.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the Priority score, please see Priority Calculation Logic.

This process re-indexes the identical score priorities according to the remaining impression percent (%) from the declared impression target (Expected CPM field defined in each Ad campaign).



Remaining Impression % Logic

To explain this calculation best, we will use the following example.
Let's say that we have 3 Ad campaigns that have received the same Priority score. The following table shows how each Ad campaign is defined

Ad Campaign Name Target Impressions (Expected CPM) Lifecycle Description
Campaign 1 5 Forever An Ad campaign that is completed after it receives five impressions, no matter how long it takes.
Campaign 2 2 Daily An Ad campaign that is completed after it receives two impressions, each day.
Campaign 3 1 Forever An Ad campaign that is completed after it receives one impression, no matter how long it takes.

Note: These are all new Ad campaigns that are just starting their run cycle. None of them have received any previous ad impressions.

In this case, the system will calculate how many impressions (in percent %) remain for each Ad campaign in the first and second requests. As you can see, the middle column represents the remaining impression percent for the First request while the last column represents the same for the Second request.

In the middle column, you will notice that all three campaigns have just started and each of them has 100% of remaining impressions to reach their targets.

Ad Campaign Name First request - Remaining Impression % Second Request - Remaining Impression %
Campaign 1 5 = 100% 4 = 80%

100% : 5 =20% per Impression
Campaign 2 2 = 100% 1 = 50%

100% : 2 = 50% per Impression
Campaign 3 1 = 100% 0 = 0%

100% : 1 = 100% per Impression


Important! These are not actual calls made to the Ad server, but a calculation table created by the system to understand which ad has the highest remaining impression percent %.

The system prioritizes the Ad campaigns according to the highest remaining impression %. When this is in regard to Direct Ad campaigns only, the single campaign with the highest % is requested. When this is in regard to Network Ad campaigns, remember that those campaigns are sent out in groups of 11. This means that the top 11 Ad campaigns with the highest impression % are requested first and after that, the others.

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