How to Add Third Party Macros to the Player Tag

Adding Third Party Macros to the Player Tag

To add macros to your player embed tag, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Portal by clicking here.

  2. Click on 'MANAGE'. The management tab is displayed.
  3. Click on 'Players'. The players page is displayed.
  4. Go to the relevant player in the list and click on 'Details'. The player details page is displayed.

  5. In the Tag section of the details page, click on 'Edit Macros'. An edit macros window is displayed.

  6. Click on 'Add Macro'. A new macro name and value fields are displayed.
  7. Enter the name of the macro in the 'Name' field. Make sure that all the letters are in lower case and that no apostrophes have been entered.
  8. Enter the supported equivalent macro of the third party in the 'Value' field.

    Note: The image above shows an example of a URL Name and a hardcoded URL Value.

    Note: Although Vidible grants its users to include any Name, Vidible reporting will only populate the following names in the Player Macros Report.

    Note: It is recommended to speak to your Media Exchange representative and request a supported macros list to supply accordingly. Example: If you are working with AppNexus, the Values inputted would be AppNexus supported macros.

  9. Click on 'Save' in the 'Edit Macros' window. Your macro is added to your player tag.

  10. Click on 'Copy Tag' and embed the player tag into your required website.



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