How to Apply a Supported Macro to Your Player using the Portal

To modify your player tag to include a supported macro, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one.


  2. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'EMBED TAG' tab.


  3. Under the 'EMBED TAG' tab, go to the 'MACROS' area.


  4. Click on 'Add Macros'. The Add Macro screen is displayed.


  5. Refer to the Supported Macros List and Enter a supported Enforcement macro Name and Value.

    Important! When adding a supported macro using the Portal, this macro is saved on to the Player object. This means that anyone copying this Player Tag will have the defined macro included in it.

    Important! When adding a macro to your player tag, the macro is added in two places:
    • To the Player Tag <div> - under the "vdb_params" macro declaration.
    • To the Player Tag <script> tag a - Added as a query string parameter and value to be passed to our server.

      <!-- TAG START { player: "Untitled Player", owner: "DevSupport", for: "DevSupport" } --> <div id="5adeee7163e1c42a1c035e30" class="vdb_player vdb_5adeee7163e1c42a1c035e3056d5921ce4b0f5991ad44713" > <script async type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> </div> <!-- TAG END { date: 04/24/18 } -->

  6. Click on 'SAVE'. Your macro is added to your player tag embed code.


  7. Optional: Click on 'Add macro' to add another macro to your player tag embed code. Then, repeat steps 5 to 6.

  8. Click on 'SAVE'. Your Player macro is applied to this player.


  9. Optional: Scroll up to the 'PLAYER TAG CODE' area and click on 'COPY TAG CODE'. Your player tag is copied to your clipboard and ready for embedding into your sites. 
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