Player Features

The following list describes the main capabilities of the ONE by Aol. PUBLISHERS Player:


Feature Description  Flash HTML5
Adaptive Bitrate Our players support HLS video streaming with adaptive bitrate, providing the best video quality based on your device and internet connection.
Multiple Renditions Each video is encoded into multiple renditions - Full HD, HD ready, Mobile etc.
Environment Detection Renders an HTML or Flash player automatically depending on your device.

Note: HTML5 player first.
360 Video

Our New Player now supports 360º video footage, allowing you to explore the camera's surroundings while viewing the video playback. This experience is achieved by uploading or viewing a compatible video that was taken by a supported 360º camera.




Feature Description  Flash HTML5
Responsive Design Automatic size, aspect ratio and alignment adjustments that allow you to define the optimal size and position of the player according to its destination.
Customization Options Design the player to reflect the theme of your application or web site using a veriaty of options such as: Size, Controls, Video Location, Background and Top Skin and Extras.
Logos & Watermarks Insert a custom logo watermark on your player.



User Experience

Feature Description  Flash HTML5
Social Sharing  Allow your audience to share their video experience with others on Facebook, Twitter, Email or using a standard embed tag.
Like & Reactions Get feedback from your viewers using the 'Like' and 'Advanced Reactions' reactions.  
Video & Playlist Behavior  Click to start, Autostart, Shuffle, Loop videos, Set Volume, Mute, Play.
Semantic search Analyzes the text and metadata on your web page to present relevant videos according to your context automatically.
Carousels/Related Videos Pane Increase engagement with your viewers by adding a carousel of additional videos for them to choose from.  Playlist Only
Companion Banners Use the player to display accompanying ad banners that share the same context of the ad displayed in the player.
Long Formats Our player is suitable for long duration videos.
Closed Captions & Subtitles Add a text version of the words spoken in a video.
Common closed caption file formats are SRT and VTT.



Publisher Customization Tools

Feature Description Flash HTML5
External Events Allow publishers to listen to what happens in the player and trigger custom functions based on them.
External Player Control Instruct the player to take actions, such as Play, Pause and Mute, using our RESTful API.
Custom Extensions Develop your own custom plugins that integrate with the player to create the perfect experience for your viewers.  




Feature Description  Flash HTML5
Age Restriction Displays content to users above a defined age.
Geographical Restriction Allows content to be played in selected regions and/or countries.
Domain Restriction Allow or prevent videos from playing back in specific domains.  
Content Owner Restrictions Define which publishers in the open marketplace can view/not view your videos.
Publisher Restrictions Define which content owner videos will be displayed in your portal.
Content Flagging Marks videos as inappropriate when they include either graphic violence, offensive language, sexually explicit content or violate certain terms of use.




Feature Description Flash HTML5
BeOn  Playback of branded content served from FreeWheel with pixels fired to FreeWheel, S&T and AOL.
Pre-Rolls Play a commercial that appears prior to the online video.
Mid-Rolls Play a commercial that appears during the online video.  
Post-Rolls Play a commercial that appears after the online video has ended.  
Certified to run VAST and VPAID tags from most major tag providers.  For details on a particular tag provider, please contact your Account Manager or the Sales Engineering team. 




Feature Description Flash HTML5
Comscore Tracking Impressions, ad views and video views.
Streamsense: ad views and video views, VCE, VME.
Nielson Tracking VVs nielson pixels: vs on channel, on sites, ratings for shows (DPR), AVR, Census & DPR.
Audience Segment Tracking Whenever a player is loading, viewer segment information is passed to FreeWheel to target ads accordingly.
Custom tracking Integration Add your own custom reporting pixels to any of our exposed player events.  



Supported Video Formats

Format Description Unsupported
.flv .f4v Adobe Flash: H264/AVC, Flix VP6, H263, Sorenson SWF (vector animation files)
.mov .qt Apple QuickTime: H264/AVC, Apple ProRes422 & HQ, Sony XDCAM, Sony DVCAM, HDV, Panasonic DVCPro, Apple DV (DV25), Apple PhotoJPEG, Sorenson, Avid DNxHD, Avid AVR Apple Intermediate, Apple Animation
.wmv .asf Windows Media 9: WMV3 (v9), WMV2 (v8), WMV1 (v7), GoToMeeting (G2M2, G2M3, G2M4) Microsoft Screen (MSS2), Microsoft Photo Story (WVP2)
.avi A/V Interleave: XVID, DIVX, HDV, MiniDV (DV25), Techsmith Camtasia, Huffyuv, Fraps, Panasonic DVCPro Indeo3 (IV30), MJPEG, Microsoft Video 1 (MS-CRAM)
.mp4 MPEG-4: H264/AVC (all profiles)  
.webm WebM: Google VP8.  
.mpg .vob .m2v .mp2 MPEG-2: MPEG-2 Codec  
.m4v Apple iTunes: H264/AVC  
.ogv .ogg Ogg: Theora, VP3, Dirac  
.mxf MXF: Sony XDCAM, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Panasonic DVCPro  
.mts AVCHD: H264/AVC  
.mkv Matroska: H264/AVC  
.r3d .rm Red Raw Video: MJPEG 2000  
.flac Native Flac: Free Lossless Audio Codec  
.mj2 Motion JPEG2000: Motion JPEG 2000 Codec   
.m3u8 .hds Adaptive Bitrate  



Supported Browsers 


Browser Minimum Version Flash HTML5
Internet Explorer 6+    
Chrome 32+


Safari 7+
Opera 19+




  • Single file upload size limit - up to 10 GB.

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