What are Player Actions?

Player actions are controllable actions that you can instruct the player to perform when grabbing the player object with JavaScript.

The available Player actions are described in the following table:

Player ActionDescription
player.play Initiates a video playback action.
player.pause Pauses the player playback.
player.mute Mutes the player’s sound.
player.volume(number) Set the player's volume to the specified number.
player.seekTo(number) Moves the player's playback marker to the specified number.
player.version Returns the version number of the current player.
player.destroy Causes the player to remove itself from the web page.

Returns an object that contains the following player information attributes:

  • video - Indication on the current video object:
    • Ad = null.
    • Content = video.
  • isAd - True/False indication if  the current video is an ad.
  • playerStatus - Info regarding the player playback:
    • playing.
    • paused.
    • stopped.
    • loading.
    • error.
  • playheadTime - Indication on the current playback time location.

volume - The current player set volume between 0.0(muted) to 1 (volume 100%).

Note: This enhancement grants you access to important player information without the need to wait for a triggered player event.


Allows you to bind a custom JavaScript function to a supported player event.

player.removeEventListener Allows you to remove a JavaScript function that was bound to a player event. 


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