How to Create an Ad Vendor

What is an Ad Vendor?

Ad vendors are third party ad services that provide ads for your players. Ad vendors in the system are management entities used to associate Ad campaigns and players for reporting purposes.


Create Ad Vendor

This process only describes mandatory steps. Each image is followed by a step-by-step description.

To create an ad vendor, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'MONETIZATION' in the Portal menu and select 'AD VENDORS'. The ad vendors page is displayed.

  3. Click on 'Add a New Ad Vendor'. The create ad vendor page is displayed.


  4. Click on the 'Company' field and define the owner of this Ad Vendor as either your White Label or Affiliate company. The selected company will define the scope of where this Ad Vendor will be available.

  5. Apply the required fields according to the following table:

    Field Name              Description
    Name Enter a name for the ad vendor.
    Sync group name

    This field is used to aggregate shimmed ad campaigns that are requested from the same ad vendor (for example, multiple ad campaign from Entering a name in this field will prioritize ad requests from the same ad vendor (that have been given the same 'Sync group name')  to prevent too many ad requests from going out at the same time.

    This field is used to designate two or more ad campaigns that cannot be loaded at the same time.  By assigning a sync group name to a series of ad campaigns, this will ensure that they are never requested/loaded at the same time within the player.

    Note: Ad campaigns that are assigned to this ad vendor will inherit this fields definition.

    Note: For further details see What are sync group names.

    Supports Open API

    Select this check box to make 'Supports Open API' checkbox available when creating a new Targeting Rule under this Ad Vendor.

    Supports Server To Server Call

    Select this check box to make 'Supports Server To Server Call' checkbox available when creating a new Targeting Rule under this Ad Vendor.

    Strict site check

    Selecting this check box will prevent assigned players from requesting ads from the ad vendors associated campaigns if the player's embed code URL parameter value is not identical to players dynamically detected URL when loaded. 

    Note: For further details see How strict site check works.

    Uses shim

    Selecting this check box will define this ad vendor as using VPAID shims.

    Note: The Ad campaign screen has an identical check box to this.
    If the 'Uses shim' check box is not selected in the Ad campaign level, it will inherit this definition from the Ad vendor if the 'Uses shim' check box is selected here. For example: If the ad vendor is defined as "Uses Shim" and the ad campaign is not selected, the ad campaign will inherent the "Uses Shim" selection from the ad vendor.

    Note: For further details see What is a VPAID shim?

    Start timeout (sec)

    Enter a value to define a maximum time limit an assigned player will wait between the moment an ad has started to load and the moment the ad has started to play. If the ad does not manage to start before the defined limit, the player will terminate the process and defer to second best ad.

    Note: The default is 20,000 milliseconds (20 seconds).

    Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic.

    Persistent Parameters Enter any custom macros here. These macros will be applied to all tags that use this Ad Vendor.

  6. Click on 'Save'. The ad vendor may now be assigned to an ad campaign.
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