How to Upload a Blocklist to the Ad Vendor

What is an Ad Vendor Block List?

An Ad Vendor block list is a list of sites that will not receive any ads from Ad Campaigns associated with this Ad Vendor.

Note: To understand the difference between Blocklists and Allowlists, see What are Blocklists and Allowlists.

Note: Block lists that are applied to the Ad Vendor level will apply to all Ad Campaigns assigned to that Ad Vendor.



Upload a Block List to an Ad Vendor

This process only describes mandatory steps. Each image is followed by a step-by-step description.

To add a blocklist to an Ad Vendor, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'MONETIZATION' in the Portal menu and select 'AD VENDORS'. The Ad Vendors page is displayed.

  3. Go to the required Ad Vendor and click on 'Details'.

    Note: You must have at least one predefined Ad Vendor. For further details, please see How to Create an Ad Vendor.


  4. Click on 'Upload Sites Block List'. The upload Ad Vendor's site block list screen is displayed.

  5. Click on 'Browser' and use the explorer window to select the relevant file for upload.

    Note: File Formats for Blocklist.

    Note: Multiple blocklists may be uploaded to the Ad Vendor.

  6. Optional: Selecting the 'Overwrite existing list' check box will use the override any previously existing block list with your currently selected file.

  7. Click on 'Upload'. The blocklist is applied to your Ad Vendor.

    Note: It will take up to 1 hour for the site list to propagate.


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