Direct Only or Mixed Direct & Network Ad Campaign Prioritization

Important! Please make yourself familiar with the process described in the Ad prioritization Logic article before continuing.


Note: This process only applies to outgoing ad requests and does not affect the ad playback order in the player. The ad playback order in the player is controlled by an additional logic layer that deals with the ad response timing. For further details, please see Ad response timing logic.


Prioritization When At Least One Direct Ad Campaign is Present

The following diagram explains the prioritization process if the assigned Ad set has only Direct Ad campaigns.

Note: It is possible to assign multiple Ad sets to a player. This explanation applies if all of the attached Ad sets have only Direct Ad campaigns within them.



If an Ad set or sets contain at least one Direct Ad campaign, the Direct campaigns will take precedence over the Network ones. This means that all of the Network Ad campaigns will not be taken into account for the prioritization process at all.

Important! When a mixture of Direct and Network Ad campaigns are assigned together to a player (whether using a single or multiple Ad sets), the Network campaigns will not be allowed to request ads.

Note: The Network Ad campaigns are not deleted or removed from the Ad set/s. They are simply not introduced into the prioritization logic.


After the Network Ad campaigns have been removed from the process, the system will perform check How many Direct Ad campaigns are there?

The answer is either a single one or multiple Ad campaigns. The following details describe the prioritization process for each of the options: 

  • Single Direct Campaign - In this case the prioritization is clear. As there is only one Direct campaign in the Ad set, that campaign will be the one requested.
  • Multiple Direct Campaigns - If there are two or more Direct Ad campaigns in one or more Ad sets, the system forwards the list of campaigns to a 'Priority calculation' process. This process calculates a Priority score for each of the Ad campaigns based on two main parameters: 'Expected CPM' and 'Priority boost'.

    Note: for further details, please see Priority calculation.

    The priority scores are then indexed to form an ordered list. If some of the Ad campaigns have identical Priority scores, those Ad campaigns will be sent to an additional Remaining impression % calculation, to decide on their order. 

    Note: For further details, please see Remaining impression % calculation.

    At the end of the calculations, the Direct Ad campaign with the highest priority is selected to request an ad from its related Ad server.



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