How to Setup Preroll Mobile Ad Autoplay for Mobile Devices (Inline)

What is the Mobile Ad Autoplayer?

One of the most common video monetization models is to auto-play a 'pre-roll' advertisement before playing the actual video content in a player. 

Mobile device operating systems (such as iOS & Android), prevent players from auto-playing videos by default, and therefore require user interaction to start the video playback (by 'Clicking' play).

This drawback prevents pre-roll ads from playing when viewing an embedded Player in a mobile device web browser.

The Mobile Ad Autoplayer solution allows you to deliver a special Ad (known as an 'Inline Ad'), that can auto-play instantly without requiring the viewer to click play on the mobile device.

Note: After viewing the Inline Ad, the viewer is required to click play to playback the content video.


Applicable Versions

Since the introduction of Mobile Muted Autoplay by Google and Apple back in 2016, this feature is only relevant in the following use cases:

  • Chrome browsers prior to version 53 on Android devices.
  • Chrome browsers prior to version 54 on iOS devices.
  • Safari browsers prior to iOS version 10.



  1. Currently supports the playback of only one (1) pre-roll advertisement opportunity.
  2. Supported only by our VAST engine (will not work with IMA SDK or IMA Engine).
  3. Player playback must be defined as 'Auto-play'.
  4. Supports plain media advertisements only! (will not work with VAST responses that have/use VPAID media).


Setting Up Mobile Ad Autoplay

To apply Mobile Ad Autoplay functionality to your player, perform the following stages:

  1. Setup your Ad Campaign to support Mobile Ad Autoplay.
  2. Setup your Player to support Mobile Ad Autoplay.
  3. Setup a Player Macro to activate the Mobile Ad Autoplay.
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